Da Vinci Project Management | COVID-19 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
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The COVID-19 changing property and office environment

How do we manage our property portfolios and offices moving forward??


 As we all know 2020 has presented us with a number of challenges globally. At Da-Vinci our team is set up to assist you with managing your property portfolio.


The trends suggest even before COVID-19 that the way we working was shifting, even more so towards the end of 2020. Many businesses are consolidating their property portfolios as staff have flexibility working remotely. Office designs are shifting to allow for social distancing and offices are becoming meeting and collaboration zones rather than 9-5 spaces.


Da-Vinci is able to assist with making sense of all of this ensuring staff well being and costs effective solutions for businesses moving forward. We have helped many clients this year and continue to assist businesses with various aspects.

Property Portfolio Management

Identifying the business needs for various properties while analysing each individual property’s requirements. We can assist with site consolidations, expansions, sub letting and more. Landlord negotiations – As experts in the field, we have spent many years liaising with landlords on our client’s behalf to ensure mutually beneficial solutions. Multiple variables assist businesses with flexibility in the current circumstance and the future. Cost Analysis – Our specialist teams assist with advising on the best solutions for your business, taking your staff numbers and business model into account.

Property Management during and post COVID-19?

  • Expansion
  • Downsizing / Consolidating
  • Subletting
  • Cost Analysis
  • Building Surveys

Workplace Project Management

As we have less or in some sectors the need for increased capacity in a safe structure during the current period and moving forward it is important to ensure the space is fit for purpose. The number of floors may need to reduced or increased, welfare facilities and number of toilets are all just some of the important considerations. Risk Assessment Compliance – facilitating the return to office means ensuring social distancing, one-way systems, screens, sanitation stations are strategically planned and placed for maximum effectiveness.

Office space considerations?

  • Increased capacity / reduced capacity
  • Number of floors required
  • Welfare and Toilet facility analysis
  • Updated hygiene considerations

COVID-19 – Space Planning and Design

There may be a need for consolidating various offices, floors or generally changing the office layout to allow for social distancing. We have assisted a number of clients with transforming their workplaces into more flexible working environment. Our team will analyse your business needs and work closely with you to come up with the best solutions.

Office Design Considerations

  • Space planning and design for social distancing
  • Reduced or increased staff numbers
  • Creating one way systems and sanitising stations
  • Flexible office designs
  • Risk Assessment compliance