Da Vinci Project Management | What We Do?
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What We Do?

Da Vinci offers a unique and bespoke service tailored for each and every client

Research and Feasibility

In order to best assist our clients we take the time to get to know their business and their requirements. It is important to identify key aspects such as the reason for the move which include lease expiry’s/ expansion/ location/ downsizing or expansion. These factors  can dictate the rest of the process.


We would complete a study of their current working environment including a staff engagement survey to identify the needs for the space. Our team can then begin looking into the refurbishment of the existing space or if a move is required a location strategy with space planning options will be produced.

Reasons for a new office move or refurbishment?

  • Lease expiry
  • Expansion
  • Downsizing
  • New Business
  • Location
  • Costs

Planning and Costing

Once we have established a relationship with our client and analysed their needs we can begin looking into the various options that will be best for them taking into account the factors considered at the start.


We have a vast network in the commercial property industry that can assist with the property search. Our design team assist with space planning to find the best space for you, including all technical elements. Once we have narrowed down the property search we assist with lease negotiations and costings.

Important factors to consider

  • Locations
  • Costs
  • Lease Agreements
  • IT Requirements
  • Mechanical and Electrical due diligence
  • Processing planning permission applications


At the core of exceptional office design lies the ability to interpret the clients’ brief to reflect their vision and brand throughout the creative process and to balance this equally within the practical and physical restraints of the workplace environment. All our designs and subsequent drawings are compliant to all current regulations and building controls.


Therefore, it’s key to work with an experienced, innovative and passionate interior office designer to ensure your brief is translated into the results you want delivered.

Our Design Expertise...

  • Space Planning
  • Detailed Drawings
  • Furniture Schedules
  • Finishes
  • 3D Visuals
  • Sustainability


Our PROJECT MANAGEMENT + solution makes us unique in the industry linking you directly with our vast supply chain built over a 30 year period. We have a close relationship with all our suppliers and all have been thoroughly vetted. A continuous quality management process is in place to ensure the highest standards are adhered to at all times.


As we link advise on the best suppliers and link you directly with them this cuts out ‘the middle man’ and ensures your project is as cost effective as possible while minimising the risk.

Linking our supply chain...

  • Supplier Vetting
  • Supplier liaison
  • Resource Management
  • Cost Management
  • Supplier Appointment


Our model offers a total turnkey package where all disciplines for design through to project management work together under one roof.


Whether you are undertaking an in-situ refurbishment or a complete relocation
project our team will lead you through our tried and tested process from planning and property strategy through to occupation and post project support.

Creating your perfect space!

  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Dedicated Site Management
  • Health/ Safety and Environmental Considerations
  • Quality Management
  • Financial Management
  • Change Management
  • Waste Management
  • Assistance with  license to alter requirements.
  • CDM
  • Building Control
  • Planning


When you run a business, there are plenty of aspects to be taken care of; employees, clients, and even your workplace. It can be stressful trying to juggle everything at once, which is where facilities management comes in.


At Da Vinci, we offer a professional facilities management service that means you can focus on what’s most important – running your business. Whether you need a fully managed service long-term, or simply require us for a move management project, our experienced team can help.

Managing your Property Portfolio

  • Facilities Management
  • Continuous Improvement
  • PPM
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Move Management